Check out this interview featuring Barnett Berry and myself on the book Teaching 2030 by fellow TLN member, teacher, author, and blogger extraordinaire, Larry Ferlazzo! It is an interesting discussion of the ideas and process that went into the creation of the Teaching 2030 book–out in book stores this week!–written by Berry and twelve teachers from around the country, including myself.

The interview process was interesting because the questions were good, and it was the first time I was asked to summarize the book and say what it means to me. I’ve had a lot of ideas kicking around my head for the last few months, and this was chance to put it all together.

The day after this interview was posted, the 2030 team and Barnett had a live webinar with education futurist Steve Hargadon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, as it was ELA/humanities exhibition night at my school, but it’s possible to access the recording here on Hargadon’s blog, and it is well worth the listen. Scintillating conversation going on there!

Also, Barnett Berry just published an oped in Ed Week, “We Can Create the Profession Students Need,” which presents many of the ideas of Teaching 2030, but with an emphasis on what we can start doing now. It is also a great read, and there are some good comments happening there.

Happy reading & listening! The future of teaching needs you. Join the conversation!


[image credits: top pic from & future photographer by Diyana Kamaruza]

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