In the raging controversy over how to fix the nation’s underperforming schools, the voices of America’s best teachers are seldom heard. Now, in a provocative book about the future of teaching and learning, 12 of America’s most accomplished classroom educators join a leading advocate for a 21st-century teaching profession to bring expert classroom know-how and fresh policy ideas to the school reform debate.

In Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools – Now and in the Future, they identify trends that will shape the learning experience of the next iGeneration and propose actions to guarantee that every student will have excellent teachers. Policymakers and the public, they say, must work with teachers to:


  • Create a richer learning experience for students and teachers, and better ways to measure school success;
  • Accelerate digital learning while reinventing brick and mortar schools as 24/7 support hubs for students and families;
  • Reimagine teaching as a well-paid career with many pathways, where teaching expertise is constantly spread;
  • Establish a leadership force of 600,000 “teacherpreneurs” — classroom experts who teach students regularly while also serving as teacher educators, researchers, community organizers, and trustees of their profession.

Teaching 2030 (available December 2010) is co-authored byBarnett Berry, President of the Center for Teaching Quality, and the TeacherSolutions team — a group of 12 co-authors who are all members of the Teacher Leaders Network. They include: Jennifer Barnett (Alabama) • Kilian Betlach (California) • Shannon C’de Baca (Iowa) • Susie Highley (Indiana)• John M. Holland (Virginia) • Carrie J. Kamm (Illinois) • Renee Moore (Mississippi) • Cindi Rigsbee (North Carolina) • Ariel Sacks (New York) • Emily Vickery (Florida) •Jose Vilson (New York) • Laurie Wasserman (Massachusetts).

Click here to read more about the book Linda Darling-Hammond describes as “a brilliant look at the future of teaching in America from the perspective of those who know most about what it is and should be.

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