I participated in a radio podcast segment with BAM Radio Network, (“The voice of the education community”) on the interesting and important topic of teachers observing other teachers. I was invited because of a blog post I wrote in 2010, understanding why so few American teachers observe each other. It was a discussion that included me and two other educators, Elena Silva and Lisa Dabbs, moderated by Rae Pica.

I liked the format and how the 10 minute presentation came out. Each of us commentators came from slightly different angles, and I think together we were able to shed some light on the topic. And this is a topic worth paying attention to, not only because teachers can learn a great deal from observing one another, but because many people are interested in seeing peer observations become a component of teacher evaluation. I’m not against it, but I’m also not quite ready to jump into it either… check out the segment!

Teachers watching teachers: Keys to peer observation

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