On a scale to 10 of understanding and using technology, I’m probably a 5. I know about more than I can or do use. So, I’m deeply thankful for TLN colleagues like Sheryl at 21st Century Collaborative who are helping teachers like me up the learning curve.

I am particularly enjoying her most recent contribution: Podcasts of interviews with participants at the recent National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) on what it means to be a Teacher 2.0 (e.g., a classroom teacher who uses the new generation of communication tools).

For most classroom teachers, time is precious, and we need more than pie-in-the-sky promises or sales promotions to convince us to spend it playing with gadgets or fads. It was heartening and helpful to hear real educators who are using these technologies share on why and how it can make a real difference for students.

Although access to these technologies for me and my students is still a very big obstacle, the possibilities presented by Sheryl and others gives me cause to perservere in the acquisition of these skills and resources.

To grow even more, consider attending the K12 Online Conference in October. For more information visit their site:

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