Hey John,

Let me also insert a plug for our Teaching Ahead folks, where they’re discussing how teachers can influence decision makers, a pillar of what the Center for Teaching Quality has been about for some time.

I’m already seeing pieces I’m a fan of, including:

Always maintain your classroom perspective. Oftentimes teachers feel intimidated or unprepared to talk to decision makers. Many have embraced the idea that “other people” know more than we do. However, when it comes to matters of instruction and meeting the needs of students this is untrue. When we speak the truth from our classroom perspective, we are the experts.

– Lori Nazareno


Don’t be intimidated! I have to admit that I am often daunted by fancy heels and business suits, not to mention titles: Director of Public Policy, Director of Teacher Quality, Associate Director of Teacher Initiatives. How does a teacher leader fit into that group? The fact is, I don’t, and truthfully, I am fine with that. Teachers’ bonuses come in different forms, such as students leaving handmade valentines on our desks. I can’t imagine that receiving a promotion in the business world could match the feeling of accomplishment teachers get when that student who has been struggling with a math concept looks up and says with a huge grin, “Oh, snap! I get it now!”

– Alison Crowley

If / when people get a chance, read them. They’re worth understanding.

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