Something to consider: over the last few years, a select group of folks have taken on the idea of “teacherpreneurship.” Quietly but surely, they’re discussing education for our kids in places where we aren’t always welcome. They’re re-shaping the environments around them and making their impressions felt in their school districts. Teacherpreneurism was never the “evil idea” a few critics made it out to be, but an idea set in making sure teachers had control of their profession. Having said that, here’s the application. Please. Have at it.

Over the past three years, CTQ has supported 18 teacherpreneurs and Teacher Leaders in Residence in seven states, working with us on projects that advance smarter teaching policies and stronger classroom practice. Each teacherpreneur’s contribution to the movement for teacher leadership, his or her district, and CTQ has been different. But every one has provided valuable proof that the future of the profession lies with those who both teach and lead.

We’re happy to say we’ve just launched the application for our 2014-15 cohort – and want to make sure that we are reaching every current and aspiring teacher leader with this opportunity. We could use your help, as a trusted partner, to get the word out by:

*   Forwarding the link to the position descriptions and the application to teacher leaders you know who may be a good fit;
*   Sharing this opportunity, including those application and information links, with your networks in upcoming newsletters, emails, or via your website;
*   Tweeting the application link to your followers:
*   #Teachers: You could lead w/o leaving the classroom. Apply for @teachingquality’s next cohort of #Teacherpreneurs:

The application deadline is March 9, with recommendations and other materials required by March 31. If you have questions about the process, please contact Alesha Daughtrey for more information. Our colleague Abigail Quesinberry will be happy to coordinate with you around any promotional opportunities that you see coming up within your networks and organization.

Thanks, as always, for your partnership!

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