“You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.” —Ken Kesey

You have realized that you can lead without a title, that you can lead from your passions, and that your influence can begin from your classroom! Although this blog series is coming to a close, your journey is far from over.

The next step is to find your place. Where can you pursue your passions and have a direct influence on teaching and learning? Read how some teacher leaders have struggled with this same question…and come to very different conclusions.

Why I turned down my dream teacherpreneurial role  Dave Orphal confesses “A part of me couldn’t believe what I was doing.  I was writing to my superintendent saying, ‘Thank you, but…’”

Seeking balance…and finding my groove

Jessica Keigan comes to a realization about the teacher leader balance: “What finally clicked was how to focus my efforts.”

You’re Doing What?! Guilt and Career Choices in Education

Meghan Allen dares to “imagine if every district offered teacherpreneur roles that let teachers grow as leaders without distancing themselves from students. Or feeling guilty.”

Every teacher needs a room with a view

Lauren Hill realizes that “to do right by our students and ourselves, we require a larger community–a broader view.” She goes on to challenge us to find a community that allows teacher leaders to “test the wings of your opinions [and] offer a safe place to learn to fly.”

When and How Do you Engage?

Paul Barnwell reflects on his learning as a teacher leader: “The longer I’ve stayed in teaching, the more I’ve learned to pick my battles on a day-to-day basis.” Don’t miss the comment section where a lively conversation ensues about the potential and drawbacks of leading on a local level.

Action Step: After reading these resources, where can you see yourself? Advocating for a hybrid position from your classroom? Accepting formal leadership titles at your school? Seeking to lead through writing and speaking beyond the classroom walls? Take some time to reflect on the intersection of your passions and your potential influence. Create an action plan for exploring your leadership in the next six months through concrete actions and steps.

So you are a teacher leader. Want to engage with a group of teacher leaders from around the nation and the world? Join the CTQ Collaboratory and become a part of a growing virtual community engaged in conversations around teaching, learning, and leadership. Find the support you need to propel your leadership journey forward!

Photo Credit: CC licensed by Chris Collins via Flickr

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