In a refreshing post at his Class Struggle column, Washington Post education writer Jay Mathews gives high marks to the 2008 book by former New York Times education writer Richard Rothstein, Grading Education: Getting Accountability Right. Mathews says the in-depth examination of the assessment conundrum  is a “must-read for anyone who wonders, as I often have, how we might replace or augment standardized testing with measures of what is happening in the classroom.”

In a recent series of posts at his Teacher Magazine blog Living in Dialogue, TLN Forum member Anthony Cody not only reviews Grading Education but presents a four-part interview with Rothstein, who is also the author of Class and Schools, the influential 2004 examination of high-stakes accountability and social responsibility for student achievement gaps.

Cody is an awarding winning science teacher who now leads a team of science instructional coaches in the Oakland (CA) Unified School District. He writes frequently about issues of school reform in high-poverty urban schools – and about highly effective teaching practices, as he did in this recent post “Recognize Students and Watch Them Grow!”

Rothstein is also the co-author of a just-released book from the Economic Policy Institute, Teachers, Performance Pay and Accountability.

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