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Evaluation Systems Resources

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Title Date Author Type
How reflection helps teachers grow 09/28/2012 Janet Woodward and Adam Gish Video
Cultivating growth: Seattle's professional growth & evaluation 09/14/2012 CTQ Video
Reflections on EET: Identifying successes, recommending opportunities for improvement 09/01/2012 CTQ-FL
Teacher panel speaks to Prichard Committee Team on teacher effectiveness 08/06/2012 Diana Taylor, Buffy Sexton, Ali Crowley, Pat Thurman, Robin Reid, Kim Riggle Video
Opportunities to connect... locally and nationally 04/09/2012 Ryan Kinser, Anna Martin Video
Transforming professional learning in Kentucky: Meeting the demands of the Common Core State Standards 04/01/2012 Barnett Berry, Alesha Daughtrey, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Channa Cook PDF
When teachers speak up—and policymakers listen 12/21/2011 Jessica Keigan Blog
My first wish for teacher evaluation 12/13/2011 Ryan Niman
Consulting the key players: Teachers and students 12/12/2011 Jessica Keigan
Learning about teaching: Initial findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project 12/12/2011 MET Project PDF