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Evaluation Systems Resources

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Title Date Author Type
Licensure matters: How teacher preparation affects student learning 05/22/2013 CTQ-CO
Barnett Berry's #ISTP2013 travel log 03/30/2013 Barnett Berry PDF
Measuring learning, supporting teaching: Classroom experts’ recommendations for an effective educator evaluation system 03/14/2013 CTQ-IL PDF
Teacher evaluation: A teacherpreneur's perspective 01/25/2013 RyanKinser Video
Good schools and teachers for all students: Dispelling myths, facing evidence, and pursuing the right strategies 01/01/2013 Barnett Berry PDF
A lesson plan for education reform 11/14/2012 Bill Farmer
Challenges in implementing new systems 09/29/2012 Mark Lovre, Richard Truax, Janet Woodward Video
Making student data for growth, not "gotcha" 09/29/2012 Lisa Markussen Video
Coaching teachers toward growth 09/29/2012 CTQ Video
Hopes and challenges in re-evaluating teacher evaluation 09/29/2012 Ryan Niman, Betsy McGregor, Lisa Markussen, Sarah Schumacher Video