One of my favorite quotes about teacher leadership comes from my longtime friend and colleague, Tammy King.  Tammy spent the better part of the past ten years working in the Ed Policy world for the Center for Teaching Quality and the Wake Education Partnership.

While she loved her work with the wonks, she never lost her faith in teachers—and in our ability to drive change in our profession.  You can hear that passion in her words:






(Original image by JMV and licensed Creative Commons: Attribution)

I’m using Tammy’s words in an upcoming session with a new group of teacher leaders here in my district.  I’ve decided to try to convince them that they’re all Superheroes with hidden powers and weaknesses.  You can check out the descriptions of each Superhero—and the questions that I’m asking groups of teachers to reflect on—in this document:

Download STAC_Superheros.rtf

Designed as an introduction to the different types of leadership strengths and weaknesses that we all possess, this should be a fun conversation.  While I know that many teachers are bored by “get to know you” activities, I still think it’s important for teams of teachers who are working together over longer periods of time to recognize and respect the varying strengths and weaknesses of their peers.

Understanding strengths and weaknesses is the first step towards accepting one another—and towards maximizing the potential of collective action.  Teams that overlook the personalities of their members end up frustrated and ineffective.

Anyway…Just figured I’d share these materials.  Hope they’re helpful to someone!

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