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Tapping Teachers' Expertise

These resources investigate how to better tap teachers' expertise, covering topics like teacher leadership and performance pay

  • Micro-credentials: Driving teacher learning & leadership (2016) - Barnett Berry and Karen Cator
  • Teacher leadership & deeper learning for all students (2016) - Barnett Berry
  • Teacherpreneurs as agents of reform (2015) - Barnett Berry
  • Teacher leadership for a reinvented teaching profession (2015) - Barnett Berry, Rachel Evans, and Noah Zeichner 
  • Teacherpreneurs: Cultivating and scaling up a bold brand of teacher leadership (2015) - Barnett Berry
  • Discussion starters for creating a teacher-powered school: Lessons from the pioneers (2015) - Center for Teaching Quality and Education Evolving 
  • Clearing the way for teacher leadership (2014) - Barnett Berry
  • Going to scale with teacherpreneurs (2014) - Barnett Berry
  • Steps to creating a teacher-powered school (2014) - Center for Teaching Quality
  • Good schools and teachers for all students: Dispelling myths, facing evidence, and pursuing the right strategies (2013) - Barnett Berry
  • Creating teacher incentives for school excellence and equity (2012) - Barnett Berry and Jon Eckert
  • Transforming professional learning in Kentucky: Meeting the demands of the Common Core State Standards (2012) - Barnett Berry, Channa Cook, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Alesha Daughtrey
  • New student assessments and advancing teaching as a results-oriented profession (2011) - Barnett Berry, Renee Moore, Dave Orphal, and Marsha Ratzel
  • Performance-pay for teachers: designing a system that students deserve (2010) - Center for Teaching Quality
  • Teacher leadership: Leading the way to effective teaching and learning (2010) - Barnett Berry, Alesha Daughtrey, and Alan Wieder
  • The key to changing the teaching profession (2010) - Barnett Berry, Renee Moore, and The Teachers of 2030
  • Ending the battles over teaching (2009) - Barnett Berry
  • Children of poverty deserve great teachers: One union's commitment to changing the status quo (2009) - Barnett Berry
  • Collaboration: Closing the effective teaching gap (2009) - Barnett Berry, Alesha Daughtrey, and Alan Wieder
  • Staffing high-needs schools: Insights from the nation’s best teachers (2008) - Barnett Berry
  • The strategic management of human capital: Brief reflections and a few propositions (2008) - Barnett Berry
  • Understanding teacher working conditions: A review and look to the future (2008) - Barnett Berry, Ed Fuller, and Mark Smylie
  • The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the future of the profession (2007) - Barnett Berry
  • Teacher quality and the teaching profession: New messages, new messengers (2006) - Barnett Berry
  • The power of teacher leadership (2005) - Barnett Berry, Dylan Johnson, and Diana Montgomery
  • Recruiting and retaining teachers for hard-to-staff schools (2005) - Barnett Berry and Eric Hirsch
  • Closing the student achievement gap by closing the teaching quality gap: Reframing the debate (2005) - Barnett Berry
  • A caring, qualified, well-supported, and effective teacher for every student: The top ten questions a smart school system asks and answers (2004) - Barnett Berry and Scott Emerick
  • School leadership supporting teacher retention (2004) - Center for Teaching Quality
  • Unfulfilled promise: Ensuring high quality teachers for our nation's students. Extensive findings - No Child Left Behind: A status report from Southeastern schools (2004) - Center for Teaching Quality
  • Questions and answers for the Ohio Governor’s Commission on teaching success (2002) - Center for Teaching Quality 
  • Recruiting teachers for hard-to-staff schools: Solutions for the Southeast and the nation (2002) - Center for Teaching Quality
  • Recruiting teachers for hard-to-staff schools: Solutions for North Carolina and the nation (2001) - Center for Teaching Quality

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