I love students. I love teachers. And I really love teachers who do cool things because of how much they care about students and public education!

Brian and Jessica Sztabnik are two teachers who do just that with their Talks with Teachers website, Pinterest page, Facebook page, and podcast (which is now the number one K-12 podcast on iTunes!).

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Talks with Teachers podcast, where I discussed an epic fist fight in my classroom (and the lesson I learned after breaking it up), how we should embrace failure in learning, how to grow and build relationships from social networks and virtual platforms, and how losing my mother helped me gain my lifelong passion for public education.

Listen to the interview here (and thanks in advance!).

I loved the opportunity, but I love the concept of the podcast even more. Thanks to the Sztabniks for their leadership and amplification of teacher voice across the country. Kudos.


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