It’s spring break in some locales — a good time to sample the ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ teacher bloggers who pledge some allegiance to the Teacher Leaders Network.

SUSAN GRAHAM’S new TLN-branded blog entry at Teacher Magazine puzzles over the USDOE’s mysterious decision to create a Teacher Ambassador program in the waning days of the Bush administration. She calls it “On Serving Two Masters”….

RENEE MOORE writes about what’s not so basic about basic skills. She shares some thoughts from Rose Asera, a senior scholar at the Carnegie Foundation, including this insightful sentence: “The apparent simplicity of the skills in question seems to provoke a simplistic pedagogy: if students don’t understand it, say it louder, say it slower!”

BILL FERRITER reproduces his letter to parents in which he (once again) tries to get across the importance of the work-behavior information he includes in student progress packets. Student comment: “My mom doesn’t care about the work behaviors rubric, Mr. Ferriter. All she cares about is my grades.”

NANCY FLANAGAN reports on the annual gathering of the Michigan Association of Computer Users, from which she returned describing herself as a “Luddite Lite.” Don’t we all feel a bit like throwing a shoe in the gearbox after spending an hour or two cruising the tech conference Exhibit Hall?

In other blog activity:

CINDI RIGSBEE had to leave school the other day and drive three hours to deliver a “mama fix.” The next morning, the sap was rising at the middle school, and Cindi got to thinking about other people’s children and the best thing to say to Justin’s mom.

EMMET ROSENFELD is musing on the Death of Handwriting at his Teacher Magazine blog “Eduholic.” There will be no “peak writing moments” under the spreading river tree for the Net Gen’ers in his classroom. Language arts folks will get into Emmet’s description of his writer notebook use/assessment.

Enjoy. And don’t forget to attach the sand-guard to your laptop.

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