Personalized Learning….for Teachers!

Individualized instruction. Differentiated instruction. Personalized learning.  Student voice and choice.  Creating lifelong learners.  Buzz words…

8 Minutes

Expanding PLCs Beyond The School: A Pilot Project

Louisville's Jefferson County Public Schools is leading the charge to train and empower teachers to lead Virtual Learning Communities across the…

4 Minutes

Note to Principals: You Can't Keep Ignoring Social Spaces

For the past several years, I've been pushing principals to build a presence for their schools in social spaces like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram…

3 Minutes

What does equity of access mean to diverse learners?

Science is a topic that can pull a student right into wondering and asking questions.  Or it can be overhwleming and scary and make them feel…

1 Minutes

Teacher collaboration isn't for the weakhearted

Think unit and lesson planning is easy?  It's not.  Especially when it's done thoughtfully.  More and more I realize this is why I collaborate, and…

2 Minutes

All We Need Is Time

There never seems to be enough time.... So how can teachers manage the time they DO have to foster good teaching and learning?

7 Minutes

An Epilogue...and A Foreword: Living & Scaling Teacher Leadership

As I prepare to say goodbye to my 8th graders and close one professional chapter in order to plan for a new role next school year, I reflect on the…

7 Minutes

Common Assignment: An Opportunity to Learn From Collaboration & Researched Practice

Over my short period as a teacher, I have heard so many teacher leaders in the profession push for more time for collaboration, more time to talk…

7 Minutes

Transforming Teaching and Learning: 7 Steps Toward Creating a 'Teacher-Powered' School

Schools that are led by teachers can be a great option for teachers and students alike, writes Lori Nazareno. Having helped launch one, she shares…

11 Minutes

Don't Mistake Simple Sharing for Collective Action.

In a recent article titled Meeting the Challenge of Infusing Relevant PD in Schools, Lyle Hamm and Kevin Cormier argue that professional learning…

12 Minutes