New year, new tools:
Showcasing what works in distanced learning

Session details: In this session, educators Bridget Belcher, Kip Hottman, Laurie Kammrad, and Sallie Ortmann shared the virtual and hybrid teaching…

1 Minute

Zoomies and roomies:
Emerging best practices for hybrid teaching

Details: Participants will reflect on how they are currently balancing teaching students in both in-person and remote settings while maintaining a…

1 Minute

Three lessons, three opportunities

Click the image to take a closer look. I'd like to share what I've learned about my work. I could fill libraries with all the lessons I've…

10 Minutes

Shifting the system towards hope

I began my teaching career in 1975. For the first 20 years, the changes were modest alterations to the existing system. Lauren Hill clearly labels…

9 Minutes

Upside down is right side up:
Shifting priorities for professional learning

Do you have your list?  You know the one - the list of every single initiative, program, curriculum, and gosh darn good idea someone at your…

10 Minutes

Teacher leadership - not a number

I struggled as a beginning teacher. I loved the curriculum and wanted to share literature with my students, but I had not mastered the art of…

9 Minutes

Stepping into the network - and into leadership

In the fall of 2005, I was two months into my first teaching position. Two months into the uncertainty, triumphs, and struggles of my chosen…

7 Minutes

I remember, I believe:
One teacher’s networking journey

The educators who taught and shaped me in my first years of schooling back in Detroit were Black teachers from the South, most of whom had been…

9 Minutes

Shifting from me to we

I was losing my mojo in the classroom a few years ago. As a physical educator coming off my fourth knee surgery in six years with low back issues…

8 Minutes

The digital divide encompasses more than access

It has been ten years since my colleagues and I wrote TEACHING 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools Now and in the Future.…

4 Minutes