(Un)certified struggle

  No school could be run completely by uncertified teachers, but uncertified teachers are becoming commonplace in a lot of classrooms across our…

7 Minutes

Let's begin at the beginning

Let’s begin with the premise that teaching is hard work, and that good teaching is even harder.  Bad teachers work hard, but fail through a deadly…

5 Minutes

Looking beyond tomorrow in the teacher shortage

Sometimes we feel lost, and sometimes we are lost. When it comes to the teacher shortage, some, like The 74, would suggest that we just feel lost,…

7 Minutes

Collective leadership and the future of public education: Hopes for 2018

I see good things in education and teacher leadership for 2018. There are many reasons to believe I may be a bit naïve: a foreign policy world in…

9 Minutes

Politics in the public school

Disclaimer: This is not a post about politics – well, not just politics. Nor is this a post about teaching – well, not just teaching. This is the…

9 Minutes

Appreciating the Change

Our students wrestle with the right balance of content and task navigation, but we are the ones who hesitate to tap, click and swipe with……

9 Minutes

From catalyzing to implementing: Creating partnerships for change

Teachers should see themselves as agents of change. Instead of only identifying problems, teacher leaders should actively solve them by forming…

9 Minutes

Teacher networks: Here, there, and everywhere

Hierarchies are not going away anytime soon. But the Internet facilitates network forms of organizing, and they are growing and increasing in power…

1 Minute

Meet Ben Owens, blogging lead for the teacher-powered schools roundtable discussion

As our first roundtable discussion reaches its halfway point, I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce the blogging lead, Ben Owens. Bringing the…

5 Minutes

The Spark of Collaboration

In this second blog for the Teacher-Powered Schools Roundtable, Ambassador Sarah Giddings shares about collaboration in her teacher-powered school.

6 Minutes