Cracking the teacher recruitment and retention code

I teach in a school that is 99% poverty yet has virtually 0% turnover. See if you can figure out which of the following are responsible for so many…

10 Minutes

10 actions to build a culture of collective leadership

Collective leadership has two basic elements. First, there is a collective: a group of teachers, administrators, parents, and others with a sense of…

5 Minutes

Becoming a better teacher (and person) 140 characters at a time.

I know the exact moment I took ownership of my professional development: August, 2012.  I was just beginning to explore Twitter and I stumbled upon…

3 Minutes

Are micro-credentials the next iPhone?

Teachers have been earning credits and credentials for generations, so the claim that new micro-credentials will change professional development is…

1 Minute

Reflecting and reframing: How a mindset shift helped this school leader focus on what matters most

Principals are key players in the delicate and ever-evolving ecosystem of a school's culture and growth.

7 Minutes

Why can’t professional learning be more like pizza?

If we can customize pizza, shouldn't we be able to personalize professional learning? In this first of a series of four posts authored by KU doctoral…

6 Minutes

What are YOUR Watershed Moments of Learning?

A few weeks ago, Dean Shareski -- one of my all time favorite thinkers -- posted a bit on his blog where he thought through several occasions in his…

9 Minutes

Micro-credentials: Ushering in teacher-driven performance assessments in the age of ESSA

Micro-credentials can help K-12 schools seize the opportunity ESSA has presented, assembling powerful measures of deeper learning outcomes.

4 Minutes

Wrapping My Head Around Mindsets and States of Mind

Recent committee work about improving my school’s climate led me to seek a bridge between two ideas about how thinking about thinking weighs heavy on…

3 Minutes

All this...and lunch!

It’s always a good day when teachers come together to talk about education. It’s an even better day when those teachers get to drive the focus, the…

4 Minutes