University of South Carolina Office of Educational Outreach is Now CarolinaCrED

CTQ is proud to announce its partnership with CarolinaCrED  — A leader in teacher education and professional development that is poised to serve as a…

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Storytelling lessons from the Camino de Santiago

I live in Colorado and — like most Coloradans — love hiking. A few years ago, after hearing inspiring stories of those who had been there, I took…

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Three lessons, three opportunities

Click the image to take a closer look. I'd like to share what I've learned about my work. I could fill libraries with all the lessons I've…

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Shifting the system towards hope

I began my teaching career in 1975. For the first 20 years, the changes were modest alterations to the existing system. Lauren Hill clearly labels…

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Upside down is right side up:
Shifting priorities for professional learning

Do you have your list?  You know the one - the list of every single initiative, program, curriculum, and gosh darn good idea someone at your…

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I remember, I believe:
One teacher’s networking journey

The educators who taught and shaped me in my first years of schooling back in Detroit were Black teachers from the South, most of whom had been…

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Teachers leading, leading teachers:
A reader's guide

As the holidays are fast approaching, I’m anxiously anticipating much-needed family time with loved ones. If you’re like me, you’ll also utilize…

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Collective leadership: Leading the schools of tomorrow

In the forthcoming series of blogs in this roundtable, K-12 public education leaders from across the country, working in different parts of the…

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You can’t have more time, but you can change how you use it

Meredith Mehra is the Deputy Chief for Teaching and Learning with the School District of Philadelphia. Marisol Rivera Rodriguez is the principal of…

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We can’t create what we can’t imagine

LOOKING BACK In 2009, our team of 12 outstanding classroom teachers and CTQ’s founder Barnett Berry debated the future of education among ourselves…

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