Balance the Cart

Just like the noisy cart we desperately try to steer in the grocery store, an imbalanced approach to education reform makes lots of noise but hardly…

6 Minutes

It’s time to mandate vaccinations

I’m getting sick at heart hearing about the spread of measles and now mumps. At one time, the United States was able to declare the eradication of…

6 Minutes

A lesson plan for family engagement

What can we do to in teacher prep to better prepare teachers to engage with families? I spoke to Melissa Erickson, Executive Director of the…

1 Minute

9 Ways I Appreciate My New School #ThankfulTeacher

I know many teachers who love to teach, but how many teachers honestly say they love the schools in which they teach?  Inside scoop? Not enough.…

12 Minutes

Connecting Digital Lives

​At the start of the year, I had high hopes for sparking conversation with parents when I produced the laptop orientation sessions for our freshmen.…

7 Minutes

On the Same Page: Student, Parent, and Teacher Goals

In a guest blog, high school ELA teacher Paul Brown reflects on what happened in his classroom when he stopped planning for his students and started…

5 Minutes

“Stupid” Standards?

For the past few years, teachers have been collaborating and sharing resources for how to best teach to the Common Core standards. But, how much of…

7 Minutes

It's a new year: Be aggressive!

A new school year has recently started. And some of us will be starting out at new schools or in new roles at our old schools. For all of us facing a…

8 Minutes

Beyond Terms & Conditions

In a few days, hundreds of freshman will arrive at high school.  Gone are the days of their middle school teachers sharing one laptop cart and…

7 Minutes

Ending Inequitable Funding

"...most of the schools serving our poorest students, especially students of color, have been consistently and deliberately underfunded...."

4 Minutes