Build a three-legged stool:
A classroom mentoring program

During the 2016 Teaching and Learning Conference, I shared briefly about a technique I used for many years to help provide parent/community support…

6 Minutes

Make Schools the Cornerstone of Our Local Wealth-Building Process

I have always looked out of my school system to influence education. Recently, when I became a #TeachStrong Ambassador, I realized I could look…

15 Minutes

Update 2: Using @RemindHQ to Share Nonfiction with Students

As I've mentioned before (see here and here), I've been using Remind -- a free tool that allows teachers to push out notifications to parents and…

6 Minutes

Parent and Family Engagement: 15 Tips to Help High School Students Achieve

Ever wonder how to engage parents and families so they can help the high school student succeed? Here are 15 Tips that can help!

9 Minutes

Water Wings (Guest blog by Megan Hurley)

The parent-teacher relationship seemed peripheral at best when I started teaching. Now that I'm getting ready to send my oldest child to…

12 Minutes

5 Things Principals Can Do Differently Next School Year

From her point of view, English language arts teacher Annette Christiansen tells principals what they can do in order to improve next year's learning…

9 Minutes

The results from the Teacher Leader survey: More questions than answers

Kapow! Data below. A few things to point out and consider: Participants could choose more than one response per question. Participants volunteered…

5 Minutes

Time and Making Teachers' Voices Stronger

Colorado teacher Alex Rossi didn't feel like she had much of a voice--until teachers at her school partnered with community members to seek out a…

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"Good teachers take time out and speak to students like they are friends. They never give up on any student..."

4 Minutes

Five Things Every Parent Wishes Their Children’s School Knew

#TeachingIs listening -- to students, families, colleagues and community members who are vested in public education. Colorado educator Kyle Schwartz…

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