University of South Carolina Office of Educational Outreach is Now CarolinaCrED

CTQ is proud to announce its partnership with CarolinaCrED  — A leader in teacher education and professional development that is poised to serve as a…

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Three lessons, three opportunities

Click the image to take a closer look. I'd like to share what I've learned about my work. I could fill libraries with all the lessons I've…

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Collective leadership and the future of public education: Hopes for 2018

I see good things in education and teacher leadership for 2018. There are many reasons to believe I may be a bit naïve: a foreign policy world in…

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Are micro-credentials the next iPhone?

Teachers have been earning credits and credentials for generations, so the claim that new micro-credentials will change professional development is…

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#OneWord2017: #Unify

Tricia Ebner, thank you for starting this roundtable conversation, and Jessica Cuthbertson, for continuing it.  Tricia wrote about the need for…

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Why can’t professional learning be more like pizza?

If we can customize pizza, shouldn't we be able to personalize professional learning? In this first of a series of four posts authored by KU doctoral…

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Welcoming the Old New Teacher

It's been difficult for me these last two months, and I haven't been posting much.  At first, I thought perhaps it was just the difficulty of an…

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Micro-credentials: Ushering in teacher-driven performance assessments in the age of ESSA

Micro-credentials can help K-12 schools seize the opportunity ESSA has presented, assembling powerful measures of deeper learning outcomes.

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The Next Evolution in Professional Development: Timeless Learning

I want to be excellent and that doesn’t just take knowledge, it takes practice and community. Even champions have to train, and they often train with…

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Deeper learning demands deeper leading—and technology can help

Being college- and career-ready is no simple task. It’s time for all American students to take part in deeper learning.

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