We're all in this together:
Collective leadership and school culture

Session details: During this session, participants learned from and with school leaders from across the country about ways to sustain and advance…

1 Minute

New year, new tools:
Showcasing what works in distanced learning

Session details: In this session, educators Bridget Belcher, Kip Hottman, Laurie Kammrad, and Sallie Ortmann shared the virtual and hybrid teaching…

1 Minute

Secure your own mask first:
How to best care for yourself, your staff, and your students

Details: Participants will understand the why, what and how of self-care. During the session, participants will engage in a number of self-care…

1 Minute

Culture and magic:
Bringing the intangibles of a classroom to a digital space

Details: Participants will be empowered to recreate the atmosphere and culture of their classroom in a virtual world that still focuses on equity…

1 Minute

Stories of Talladega County's transformation, Part 2

Like many districts across the country, great things are happening for the students and teachers in Talladega County, Alabama. Fortunately, the…

9 Minutes

Looking to the horizon:
The adventure and impact of teacher leadership

My educational vision: To empower ALL students to own their learning, shape their dreams, and create a better world. Take the first step: Own it……

18 Minutes

Embrace the "leader" in teacher leadership

Can you describe your leadership journey in six words? At my school district’s recent first Diversity Council meeting of the year, I asked teacher…

9 Minutes

Collective leadership: Leading the schools of tomorrow

In the forthcoming series of blogs in this roundtable, K-12 public education leaders from across the country, working in different parts of the…

9 Minutes

The Little Big History of Diversity

As the debate regarding @therealroseanne was happening in real time, my middle school students were sharing their presentations on #LBH, or Little…

5 Minutes

The importance of the relationships that teachers and students forge.

The recent horrors of school shootings, and the eloquence of the students whose voices speaks volumes to the importance of gun safety, but also their…

4 Minutes