The power to disagree:
Building trust in teacher-powered schools

I remember sitting alongside Ayla Gavins, the principal of Mission Hill K-8 School, a teacher-powered school where I was working as a student…

8 Minutes

Modeling democracy in Teacher-Powered Schools

With close to 150 teacher-powered schools nationwide, there are countless examples of how teacher-powered creates engaged citizens. Take a look at…

7 Minutes

Collective leadership: Leading the schools of tomorrow

In the forthcoming series of blogs in this roundtable, K-12 public education leaders from across the country, working in different parts of the…

9 Minutes

Turning "Too smart to teach" into a moment of motivation

A high school teacher once told Krista Galleberg she had “too much potential” to become an elementary school teacher. While initially discouraged…

7 Minutes

10 actions to build a culture of collective leadership

Collective leadership has two basic elements. First, there is a collective: a group of teachers, administrators, parents, and others with a sense of…

5 Minutes

Confessions of a control freak

When I began my teaching career fourteen years ago, I was flattered by how many people asked me to lead in a variety of contexts. Then I realized…

8 Minutes

What Hollywood gets wrong about transforming schools

In CTQ's next roundtable blogging discussion, we’ll examine how education can move beyond individual rockstar teachers to collective leadership that…

5 Minutes

Why your school should be a teacher-powered school

In his blog synthesizing CTQ's first roundtable blogging discussion on teacher-powered schools, NC teacher Ben Owens makes the argument for why your…

6 Minutes

The role of the principal in a teacher-powered school

Teacher-Powerd Schools Round Table: TPSI Ambassador Alysia Krafel shares how the principal role shifts in teacher-powered schools.

6 Minutes

Teacher-powered schools open the doors to adaptive solutions

Teacher-Powered Schools Round Table: TPSI Ambassador Jeff Austin shares ways in which teacher-powered schools are adaptive.

7 Minutes