Students of color matter

I'm going to make a confession that could be controversial: I focus more on students of color in my classroom. I think most teachers do. When things…

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You don't get to disengage

In 2013, Jemelleh Coes, as the youngest member of her school faculty and staff, was nominated to represent Bulloch County as Teacher of the Year. She…

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Finding the courage to support queer youth

Rich Ognibene is a 2015 inductee into the National Teachers Hall of Fame. In 2009 he received the Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence and in…

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Three essential responses to Trump that will change the world (or at least your part of it)

Charlottesville snapped something inside me. It wasn’t just the faces of those white guys carrying torches that were young enough to have sat inside…

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Leaning into my truth

I am a lesbian. There. I said it. It’s not that people don’t know; it’s that I rarely say those words out loud. And I never said it out loud when I…

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The racist realities of teacher retention

All students, and the teaching profession itself, benefit from the work of Black teachers. Yet, huge numbers of quality Black teachers have been…

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Turning "Too smart to teach" into a moment of motivation

A high school teacher once told Krista Galleberg she had “too much potential” to become an elementary school teacher. While initially discouraged…

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Teacher perspectives on teacher shortages: A view from the CTQ Collaboratory

For the next two months, teachers of the CTQ Collaboratory will examine the issue of teacher shortages, including recruitment, retention, and ongoing…

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Beyond compliance:
Creating the schools our students need

This post explores how collective leadership can be used as a lever for equity.

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A shift in strategy: CTQ rings in the new year with roundtable discussions

We know the impact that one teacher leader can have in their school and on the system as a whole. And we believe unleashing the collective capacity…

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