Teachers leading, leading teachers:
A reader's guide

As the holidays are fast approaching, I’m anxiously anticipating much-needed family time with loved ones. If you’re like me, you’ll also utilize…

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Leading with the why:
The importance of a mission-driven school

While there has been a ton of press about giving families the choice to attend a better school, what we have not talked about is the fact that…

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Looking to the horizon:
The adventure and impact of teacher leadership

My educational vision: To empower ALL students to own their learning, shape their dreams, and create a better world. Take the first step: Own it……

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Embrace the "leader" in teacher leadership

Can you describe your leadership journey in six words? At my school district’s recent first Diversity Council meeting of the year, I asked teacher…

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Delicious ambiguity: Leading by the seat of your pants

When I began my career as a classroom teacher fifteen years ago, I could never have imagined the trajectory my professional life would take. First a…

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Shifting from me to we

I was losing my mojo in the classroom a few years ago. As a physical educator coming off my fourth knee surgery in six years with low back issues…

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If you are a teacher, you ARE a leader!

My supervisor and I were reminiscing about a time before I was a teacher leader, and she quickly responded, “Was there ever a time you were not a…

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Beyond compliance:
Creating the schools our students need

This post explores how the colletive leadership can be used as a lever for equity.

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