Leading forward:
Creative solutions for systemic change

Session details: Since last fall we've hosted monthly micro-webinars on everything from formative assessment to self-care to emerging practices…

1 Minutes

We're all in this together:
Collective leadership and school culture

Session details: During this session, participants learned from and with school leaders from across the country about ways to sustain and advance…

1 Minute

Secure your own mask first:
How to best care for yourself, your staff, and your students

Details: Participants will understand the why, what and how of self-care. During the session, participants will engage in a number of self-care…

1 Minute

How administrators can use virtual tools to support teachers and their virtual learning communities

Details: Participants will be able to use synchronous and asynchronous tools to facilitate effective VLCs with teachers. Participants will gain…

1 Minute

5 Things Principals Can Do Differently Next School Year

From her point of view, English language arts teacher Annette Christiansen tells principals what they can do in order to improve next year's learning…

9 Minutes

A new brand of superintendents and their visions for 2015

Learn about six progressive administrators' plans to maximize teacher leadership this year.

12 Minutes