Stories of Impact

Choosing yes: A path to teacher leadership

CTQ’s impact assessment tools help one teacher discover the power of saying “yes.”

For Florida teacher Glenna Sigmon, the past year has been an adventure full of growth and opportunity. By saying “yes” to taking part in the Florida Teacher Leader Fellowship, attending a storytelling retreat hosted by CTQ, and accepting a position as an instructional coach at Chester A. Moore Elementary School, Glenna is making a positive impact on the 560 students and 25 teachers within her school—all because she found her leadership voice by saying “yes.”


Transforming PD through teacher leadership

With CTQ’s support, educators from Florida’s Volusia County Schools created a new approach to personalized professional learning.

Through collaboration between district and teacher leaders, Classroom Connect was born—and changed instruction in hundreds of classrooms. Within a year of implementation, students gained 10 points on FSA data assessments. Watch to find out how, with the support of CTQ, Volusia County teachers and administrators are transforming the collaboration and leadership structures in their district to increase teacher capacity and deepen student learning.

Collaborating for change

What happens when a school’s teachers and administrators come together to solve a problem and improve learning for all students?

Ohio teacher Tricia Ebner was struggling with how to best teach her students and discovered that she wasn’t alone. The reading and writing teachers at Lake Middle School were faced with new standards and assessments but had a schedule that hindered collaboration. Guided by a suite of impact assessment tools developed by CTQ, Tricia tells the story of teachers and administrators sparking conversations and driving change.

Collaborating for Change

Building collegial relationships at Oak Park Elementary

After redistricting shuffled students and teaching teams, schools in Brevard County, FL were facing challenges that had no easy answers.

The district and local union enlisted CTQ to facilitate a design thinking process that would help teacher teams use their ingenuity and expertise to generate bold, practical solutions for local challenges—and then design and implement action plans for success. Watch below how one teacher team put an idea into practice and hear Anthony Colucci, NBCT, and Jennifer Brockwell, principal, share their experiences on Education Talk Radio.

Taking teacher-led projects to scale

What impact would it have on students’ reading growth if every child were provided with a home library? 

Justin Minkel teaches first grade at Jones Elementary—a high-performing, high-poverty school where 85 percent of students are English language learners. Justin hypothesized that his students’ restricted access to books at home contributed to low literacy rates in his classroom. With the help of a $100,000 Dream Big Challenge grant from Farmers Insurance, Justin created home libraries for 1,800 elementary school students and their families in Springdale, AR. Over the next two years, children in Justin’s community received 30,000 books to call their own in a program that more than 70 teachers helped implement.