The Save Our Schools Coalition is sending out this timely reminder that the affects of Hurricane Sandy are not over.

While life went on as usual for people throughout the nation, for the victims of Sandy days and weeks have passed with great difficulty. Many homes and schools remain severely damaged or in ruins. And while countless individuals and organizations have contributed time and money to the relief effort, thousands of children and families are still in desperate need of our support.

All these weeks later, young and old are displaced. Thousands have no homes, neighborhoods and schools to return to. Few, if any of their belongings remain intact. Wont’ you help?

Save Our Schools urges our friends and supporters to contribute as generously as possible to The Hurricane Sandy Student and Teacher Support Fund.

Funds will be used to provide direct support to at least three school communities in NY and NJ by replacing lost books, art supplies, musical instruments and other sources of joyful learning. We hope that this will help rebuild the sense of stability so vital to the recovery process.

Support the Hurricane Sandy Student and Teacher Support Fund.

Please Donate Now!

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