Simple truth: Collective strength matters MORE than individual talent [SLIDE]

One of the guys that changes my thinking more than most is Paul Cancellieri — seventh grade science teacher and the mind behind Scripted Spontaneity.

Paul and I have talked a TON over the years about the mistaken belief that we can improve schools by doing nothing more than filling every classroom with a talented individual.¬† While talent certainly matters, it’s just not enough to drive change in complex human organizations like schools.

Instead, driving change in complex human organizations like schools depends on building high-functioning teams that can support one another — bringing complementary skills to bear against shared challenges:

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So the question — whether you are a principal, practitioner, parent or policymaker — is simple:

What are YOU doing to ensure that the teachers who serve the students that you care about are working on teams that are collectively strong?


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Image Credit:
Band of Brothers by The US Army

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October 21, 2012

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