In the book, Teaching 2030, we discuss the new learning ecology in schools of the future. This learning ecology includes distal influences such as policy and funding and proximal forces such as community infrastructure and blending the purposes of schools and community services. Most importantly teaching in 2030 will acknowledge and influence the quality of students’ experiences as they are affected by these factors. A friend of mine, Kindness Girl, has started a quasi-national movement to let students know that their communities want them to be successful. This is especially important in VUCA communities (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) where students are not sure if they really have the support of their neighbors. The weekend before school starts parents and local communities head out to their schools use sidewalk chalk to bolster their students’ confidence and start them out on the right foot for the school year. So grab some chalk and let your community feel you care about kids.

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