I read The New York Times education section regularly, and it’s usually great. Michael Winerip in particular is definitely one of the best ed reporters out there. (Check out his depressing story from earlier this week about sub-literate work that earns passing scores on the New York State English Regents exam.)

I also appreciate that theTimes still features an education section on their homepage; CNN, The Washington Post, and many other major news outlets have buried theirs. The Timeshas actually gone even further to establish SchoolBook, an excellent site dedicated to “news, data, and conversation about schools in New York City.”

However, on the nytimes.com homepage at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, February 8, 2012, here were the three features headlines:

“Aide Accused of Taping Sexual Acts With Students”

“California: More Sex Abuse Charges”

“School Linked to Abuse Claims Will Replace Entire Faculty”

Fifty million students. Four million teachers. Three top stories. I’m hanging my head.

Am I an unfair cherry-picker or does it feel like bad apples and sex scandals receive outsized education media attention?

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