In an outstanding reminder that teachers working in digital spaces need to be digitally resilient, I had a hard-core technology melt-down in a session on digital tools that facilitate collaborative work in professional learning communities today.

Basically, I was trying to post a series of new resources for participants to explore that weren’t already included in the materials that I had handed out for the session.  Typically, that kind of content gets posted on a separate blog that I maintain for session materials.

The hitch for today is that my session materials blog service — Posterous — was acting SUPER wonky.  At times, I couldn’t find the blog at all.  At times, I could — but I couldn’t make a post.

In the end, I posted the content here:

The lesson in my digital dilemma is a simple one, though:  Things don’t ALWAYS go as planned when you’re working in online spaces with new tools, but there is ALWAYS a workaround for challenges if you’re willing to be diligent.


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