It’s definitely the season of the “teaching movie,” with at least a half-dozen films appearing this fall that portray teaching from various perspectives. The most noted film, of course, is Waiting for Superman, produced by Davis Guggenheim of An Inconvenient Truth fame. Another film, not so well-funded but certainly associated with another star on the American artistic scene — Dave Eggers — is still in production as part of the Teacher Salary Project, an initiative launched by Eggers and colleagues as an outgrowth of their 2005 book Teachers Have It Easy.

If you visit the TSP website, you can leave your own story about a great teacher, learn more about the progress of the film, view a sizeable sample of film clips,  and even make a contribution to its completion. One tantalizing sample shows the first few minutes of a segment that will employ a split screen to track the day of a first-grade teacher and a real estate broker. What an intriguing idea. You can see this clip at YouTube as well.

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