One barrier to advancements in leadership has been cracked, if not broken.

CTQ has helped teachers grow as leaders for two decades. And we have learned a thing or two about leadership along the way. Drawing from the expertise and insights of these leaders, we have shattered the rationale for developing teacher leadership separate from the system in which it functions. Developing leadership apart from the levers which create change just does not makes sense.

For several years CTQ has focused on collective leadership, which encompasses a set of practices to engage teachers and administrators as partners in shared learning, decision-making, and execution of work. CTQ has worked with thousands of teachers, administrators, and system leaders nationwide, listening to and learning from their experiences, then collaborating with them to create solutions to make public schools better.

In this roundtable CTQ staff will provide an insider perspective of our current work as well as the lessons we are learning along the way.

Inform. Inspire. Innovate. It’s not only our tagline; it’s a non-negotiable part of our mission. We seek to serve as a catalyst for teachers and administrators to collectively drive needed change in education. We hope this roundtable will provide you with new information, fresh inspiration, and innovative approaches to the challenges you face in your classroom, school, or organization.