Thanks for your response to my post on accountability vs. responsibility. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea you mentioned about individual agency and collective voice. I never felt a part of a collective voice until I joined TLN . The only way I felt like I could be a part of that collective voice was because there was a culture of respectful dissent. As in one teacher might say, “Here is what I would do if I were in your position” and the response of, “I haven’t found that to be helpful so I am not going to do that” is heard and respected. I have always felt more individually responsible in my classroom and in my writing. That is, until we started writing together.

As you know I have been blogging as an accomplished teacher and advocate for the profession, and supported by non-profits in doing this since 2008. So basically five years. One thing I love about writing about our beloved profession is that as a blogger, I don’t have to play ball. When I wrote for the PEW blog, InsidePrek, I took the readership from approximately 100 followers to more than 400 on the day of my last post two years later. Along the way I feel I added to the national discussion on Pre-K and successful preschool practices. Actually, my communications person asked me to take the hard line, say what she couldn’t say as a PR rep, and most importantly be timely. I asked myself, how did I do that?

I did it the same way I work in the classroom. I was responsive. I have tried to adopt the same approach here but the wonderful thing is, I have you to read every post I write and to respond. It is wonderful to know that you will respond, in some way, and our conversation will hopefully become more meaningful for it. I just wanted to say, I feel personally responsible to you because you have never tried to hold me accountable for my opinion. You have only listened, thought, and responded. As an individual I feel like every post I write here is meaningful but, thanks to you I feel part of a collective voice, and that, as a teacher leader is most important of all.

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