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Value-Added Models Resources

Title Date Author Type
Case Study: Julie Hiltz, CTQ Teacherpreneur 03/03/2015 CTQ
Barnett Berry's #ISTP2013 travel log 03/30/2013 Barnett Berry PDF
Measuring learning, supporting teaching: Classroom experts’ recommendations for an effective educator evaluation system 03/14/2013 CTQ-IL PDF
Teacher evaluation: A teacherpreneur's perspective 01/25/2013 RyanKinser Video
Reflections on EET: Identifying successes, recommending opportunities for improvement 09/01/2012 CTQ-FL
Follow-up: What is tested is what is taught & what is evaluated and publicized is ... 12/19/2011 Patrick Ledesma
Learning about teaching: Initial findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project 12/12/2011 MET Project PDF
Defining and measuring effective teaching 11/15/2011 Kristoffer Kohl PDF
Tested: Covering schools in the age of micro-measurement 04/02/2011 LyNell Hancock PDF
New student assessments and advancing teaching as a results-oriented profession 03/01/2011 Barnett Berry, Renee Moore, Dave Orphal, and Marsha Ratzel PDF