Anyone that is planning on participating in our focused three-day conversation on teaching for tomorrow with digital change experts Adam Garry and Meg Ormiston this week might be interested in exploring the following resources before the conversation begins:

Initial Question Slides:  If you’ve ever participated in a Solution Tree Voicethread presentation, you know that each strand of conversation is centered around a provocative quote and started with an initial comment full of questions for authors and participants posted by me.

While our conversation isn’t live in Voicethread until Thursday, you can get a jump start by downloading the PowerPoint that I’ve used to create the presentation.  Included are the quotes we’ll be studying and the complete text of my initial comments.

Here’s the file:

Download TeachingiGeneration_FinalQuotes

Consider poking through these a bit before Thursday.  Find a strand that you think is particularly interesting to you and plan out a few initial thoughts to share.  Think about areas where you can lend your own experiences and/or expertise to the conversation.

Doing so will ensure that everyone learns more!

Free Download of Teaching the iGeneration:  To help readers prepare for our conversation, Solution Tree has graciously made my newest book—Teaching the iGeneration—-available as a free PDF download for the remainder of this week. (Registration required.)

Consider giving it a look.  Browse the introductory text of each chapter and see if anything resonates—-or rubs you the wrong way!  Then, bring those thoughts to our conversation on Thursday.

Free TiG Handouts and Tutorials:  While they may not be particularly valuable for this conversation, anyone interested in teaching essential skills with technology might find this resource collection—which includes interactive versions of every handout in Teaching the iGeneration—valuable.

Free Preview of Creating a Digital Rich Classroom:  Solution Tree has also provided a link to a free “look inside” of Meg Ormiston’s upcoming book, Creating a Digital Rich Classroom that includes the complete text of one chapter.

Again, consider giving it a look before Thursday.  Not only will you get a sneak peek at what I’m sure is going to be a great resource, you’ll find ideas that are worth adding to our upcoming conversation with each other.

While the TiG Resource Collection is permanently available online, the links to download both books expire this Sunday, so be sure to sign up sooner rather than later if you’re interested in having your own free copies.

Here’s to hoping that you’ll join us from Thursday through Saturday.  Look for an introductory post here on the Radical on Thursday morning that officially kicks off our conversation.

See you then!

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