Micro-credentials webinar series

If you want to create a personalized professional learning system that integrates the use of micro-credentials, then this webinar series is for you! CTQ invites school and district leaders to join CTQ content experts and partners in focused conversations about creating a personalized learning system that addresses the specific needs of the educators in your school and/or district.

The first webinar in the series, Micro-credentials 101, is free and discounts are available if you register for the full series. Scroll down for descriptions and details of sessions.

Webinar descriptions

Micro-credentials 201: Building your plan

Even if you didn’t join our “Micro-credentials 101” session in April, this session will get you ready to launch a planning process for personalized professional learning in your school/district. Designed for school and district leaders, this webinar offers an opportunity to get expert advice on framing your planning effort, address the challenge of integrating micro-credentials into your system, and hear how one district did so.

Date and time: May 19, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET
Event Type: Webinar (90 minutes)

Presentations from CTQ content experts and district partners will focus on the following:

  • Why identifying and enhancing all educators’ leadership capacity is a crucial early step to define a successful micro-credential strategy;
  • How an effective process works for developing a micro-credential strategy and pilot;
  • What that looks like on the ground, including a discussion with district and school leaders who have implemented a successful plan they created;
  • What resources your school or district needs to get started; and
  • How to turn a customized checklist of what your school or system must do into an effective implementation plan.

Registration fee: $75.00

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Micro-credentials 202: Developing your own micro-credentials

What does it takes to create micro-credentials that align to your district objectives? We have you covered!

Date and time: February 27, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET
Event Type: Webinar (90 minutes)

Presentations from CTQ content experts and district partners will focus on the following:

  • Why articulating your long-term micro-credential strategy is a key first step;
  • What a step-by-step process looks like for developing your own micro-credentials;
  • How the design principles for micro-credentials support the process; and
  • How to customize a sample action plan.

Registration fee: $75.00

Micro-credentials 203: Improving schools with micro-credentials – A collective approach

Are you curious about how micro-credentials might be leveraged for school improvement and educator support? Learn about a collective leadership and learning approach to jump start a cohesive strategy for improvement in your school or district.

Date and time: March 26, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET
Event Type: Webinar (90 minutes)

Presentations from CTQ content experts and district partners will focus on the following:

  • Why the collective approach for leveraging micro-credentials can be a game changer for schools/districts;
  • What collective leadership is and the system conditions needed for effective implementation;
  • How establishing a problem of practice with a theory of action provides a framework for selecting and submitting micro-credentials; and
  • Why processing the results (and how to do it!) is crucial for school/district improvement.

Registration fee: $75.00

Micro-credentials 101: Getting started

How can you improve professional learning in your school/district? We have you covered!

Date and time: April 23, 2020, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET
Event Type: Webinar (60 minutes)

From developing, assessing, and leading micro-credential pilots to guiding hundreds of educators through the process, Jennifer is eager to welcome school, district, and state leaders to this event. The webinar topics will include the following:

  • Why and how micro-credentials are being used as a tool in personalized learning systems;
  • How micro-credentials have supported schools/district in making personalized professional learning a lever for school improvement; and
  • How to create a customized checklist of what your school/district/state must do to effectively implement a micro-credential strategy. 

Registration fee: FREE