Want to know what some of the best teachers in America told the NEA it needed to do to really advance the teaching profession? Here’s a sampling of the recommendations from the Commission on Effective Teachers and Teaching to the NEA:

  • Adopt the goal of improving student learning as a core organizational goal.
  • Partner with key stakeholders to develop a peer review preparation program that will select, train, and support peer reviewers with the goal of preparing at least one accomplished teacher as a qualified reviewer for every ten teachers in U.S. schools.
  • Collaborate with the American Federation of Teachers and other education stakeholders in pursuing a shared vision of transformation for the teaching profession through the establishment of a National Council for the Teaching Profession.

The Commission (of which I was a member) didn’t have advice just for the NEA; we also made some very thoughtful and bold recommendations to school districts, state education agencies, and our fellow teachers. Our ideas stunned some education reform leaders, including some who consider themselves advocates for the teaching profession. Read the full report and share your reactions.


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