“Here is my overall impression of what is happening in D.C. The federal government now controls education policy in the United States, thanks to No Child Left Behind, which caused an unprecedented expansion of federal power into every public classroom.

As you know, I believe that NCLB did not raise standards, but actually caused a dumbing-down of American education through its accountability provisions, which emphasize only basic skills. When schools are incentivized to measure only basic skills, then everything else loses time and is de-emphasized: the arts, history, geography, civics, science, foreign languages, even physical education.”

From Diane Ravitch

via blogs.edweek.org

All I can say is, “Thank goodness for Diane Ravitch.” To have an intelligent and well respected thinker advocating against the lunacy that is federal education policy is, in some ways, a great relief.

But considering the fact that the reception that she received from Bam, Arne and the Gang was less than receptive, my hope for positive change in public education is waning.

I voted for Bam because I wanted to see education policy change. Sadly, it’s changing—but it’s changing for the worse rather than for the better.

Who’d’ve thunk it?!

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