Since everyone from billionaires to pundits, have had something to say about education reform–what say we listen to what some of America’s top teachers have to offer on the subject?

Shameless plug and disclosure: Yes, I’m one of the authors.

So are 11 truly amazing teachers from around the country; some veterans, some newbies; some from traditional teacher preparation, some from alternate routes; some urban, some suburban, some rural. All of us sharing a passion for students and for teaching, and deeply concerned about the future of both in America. Also on the writing team, our friend and colleague, Barnett Berry, head of the Center for Teaching Quality (which sponsors this blog).

The book, TEACHING 2030: What We Must Do For Our Students and Our Public Schools..Now and in The Future, is now available from Teacher College Press (also at Amazon or Barnes and Noble).

Would love to hear some of your reactions to the ideas in it, and how we can turn the discussions about teachers and teaching in a more productive direction. You can also share your thoughts at our authors’ blog: The Collaborateurs.

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