Superintendent John Kuhn, of Perrin-Whitt Consolidated School District in Texas, has written one of the best summaries I’ve seen of how to get education reform right. He urges policymakers and others to look at the Oppportunities to Learn campaign’s 2020 Vision Roadmap: A Pre-K Through Postsecondary Blueprint for Educational Success.

In his article, Kuhn points out why it is not just up to teachers to make education work; here’s a slice:

In the end, although salesmen of countless nouveau “miracle” programs will say otherwise, our success or failure in education isn’t the exclusive property of teachers. If anything, many thousands of brave teachers nationwide are trying to undo the harms perpetrated by politicians – both in Texas and in our nation’s capitol – who use budget shortfalls as an excuse to ignore the needs of the most vulnerable (and most under-represented) in our society. We have seen fit to quietly give educational scraps to other people’s children for too long, and now that we see the inescapable results, we would rather tear down the schools than offend the merchants of inequity who inhabit our voting booths — ourselves.

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