Extending my recent thoughts about Better Things to Do With Student Writing Than Just Grade It, I found this very helpful, almost prophetic piece by my TLN colleague, Patrick Ledesma on what we could and should be doing with technology in our schools and districts. Here’s a slice:

So imagine entire districts and schools this month preparing the computers to test all students. Yes, for many schools that means taking away all those desktop and laptop labs for setting up individual testing stations. I remember one picture of a gym in a high school with over 350 laptops on tables setup as testing stations- complete with manila folders tapped to the sides of the screen to prevent cheating. And some schools close their libraries so students can test on the computers…..

What else should students be doing with technology besides year long online test preparation and taking high stakes multiple-choice tests online for several days in May?

Join the conversation over at Teacher Magazine to see Patrick’s answers and share yours.

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