Some key education proposals by the Mississippi legislature have educators and parents around the state concerned. One high school principal, Shannon Eubanks of Brookhaven, Mississippi shared his spot-on analysis in an opinion piece published by Hechinger Report, Did Mississippi’s poorest students just lose their chance for a quality education?

Among other points, Eubanks answers the ridiculous charge that Mississippi public schools don’t need more money because it would only go to administrative costs rather than the classroooms. As Eubanks observes: ” Mississippi only pays for 65 percent of what a school district needs to operate, but 85 percent of district costs go towards the classroom. So the legislature is not even fully funding the classroom….”

What’s sad is how this same scenario is being played out in state legislatures around the country: underfund and under-resource the schools serving the students with the greatest needs over long periods of time; then penalize those schools for their lack of success.

Meanwhile, students, teachers, and parents in these schools continue to fight through these unnecessary obstacles, and a few manage to succeed in spite of the deck being systematically stacked against them. Maintaining inequity is truly a waste of our nation’s human and economic resources.

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