For the past three years, Scott McLeod—the mind behind the Dangerously Irrelevant blog and one of the most influential educational thinkers in America today—has run what he calls Leadership Day.

Described as an honest attempt to help administrators imagine the kinds of schools and classrooms that we should be creating in order to prepare students for a poorly defined tomorrow, Leadership Day sees some of the brightest edu-minds writing brilliant posts ranging from the visionary to the practical every year.

Honestly, there’s no better starting point for school leaders trying to learn more about the role that digital tools should be playing in their schools.

I’ve written posts for Leadership Day in the past—here’s last year’s submission—but won’t have time this year simply because school starts for me on Monday!  That means I’m neck deep in Meet the Teacher night and lesson planning.

But I’m certainly going to be following as many of the Leadership Day posts as possible—and you can too!  Just check this Twitter Hashtag out over the next few days:

No joke:  You’re bound to learn a TON.

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