There’s an African proverb that goes: When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

Veteran education reporter, John Merrow, examines at least seven issues over which Americans have become polarized in regards to our education system. As he points out, while these battles rage, many children are suffering.

Consider this sarcastic bit of truth:

We are polarized about achievement. The achievement gap is real. In some places a gap of three years in achievement between whites and (wait for it) Asian-American students. We must do something about this. Why don’t we eliminate recess for white kids and replace it with drill and practice and test-prep? That’s what we do for (to) black and brown kids, isn’t it?

If you take the time (and I hope you do) to read the entire article and take in the full breadth of his argument, it should give us pause… and common ground.

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