My friend and co-author, Carrie Kamm, is a mentor-resident coach for the Academy for Urban School Leadership’s (AUSL) Urban Teacher Residency Program at National Teachers Academy, a Chicago public school.

The Wall Street Journal recently did a feature on the AUSL program that gives a great glimpse at the relationship between the teacher residents and their mentors.

Carrie says, “I am honored that my life’s work is devoted to preparing teachers to work in Chicago’s highest need communities and supporting the mentor teachers who go above and beyond to make sure their resident teachers get the best coaching every day.”

Residency programs, such as AUSL, are one of the more promising ways to better prepare candidates for the demands of modern teaching. These programs do have their challenges. For one, how might a residency program be designed for rural communities, like those served by many of the teaching programs in Historically Black Colleges and Universities? What aspects of AUSL can be taken to other areas?

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