From our inspiring friends over at the Learning First Alliance, who continue to remind us that there are successful schools and school districts in America, and that “turnaround” doesn’t have to mean mass firings and over-reliance on testing, comes this latest offering.

This particular story highlights a highly impoverished rural school district in West Virginia and how policymakers, teachers, unions, parents, and businesses pulled together to do what is really best for students and their families. Here’s a slice:

McDowell is a shining example of a model that, with alterations to fit individual contexts, could have positive implications for other rural districts. The county is a microcosm of the challenges facing rural America. Ultimately, the timeline is one of the most important takeaways. It frames all the other work into a clear message, which in an election year, will inevitably be pushed aside: there is no instant silver bullet fix when it comes to raising student achievement.

There’s also a link at the end of the piece to a video about the district and its work. Worth sharing.

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