It’s been a bit of a crazy few hours here at the Radical.  You see, I just found out that I’ve been named a finalist in the ‘Best Teacher Blog’ category for the 2007 Edublog Awards.

Needless to say, I’m completely jazzed that someone even thought to nominate me—and that I’ve made it to the final consideration for the competition!  With the incredible Edubloggers that have won Edublog Awards in the past, it is somewhat humbling to be considered as a part of their community.

Now, it’s time to turn out the vote!

Take a look around my blog and decide whether or not you think that I deserve to be crowned this year’s champion.  If you think I’m worthy, then visit this link to cast your vote in my direction!  You’ll find The Tempered Radical listed all the way at the bottom of the list.

If you don’t have time to do much exploring, consider checking out my recent post on professional learning communities or university professors—or exploring these entries that really resonated with other readers:

Staffing High Needs Schools:  On the very real challenges of working in high needs schools.

I Finally Drank the Kool-Aid:  On my experiences with professional development and Professional Learning Communities.

Saying Goodbye to Maria:  A reflection on the important role that alternative compensation plans can—and should—play in recruiting and retaining accomplished teachers.

Struggling for Power:  An interesting conversation/debate with readers about the role that relationships play in a schoolhouse.

Living in Trecherous Times:  A reflection on the responsibility that Web 2.0 teachers have to teach their students about Internet Safety—complete with resources and tools to accomplish that task!

And win or not, I hope you’ll keep reading and commenting.  As a writer, knowing that others are challenged here is really rewarding!

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